Everyone knows these days you have to establish your business/brand online and while most business have taken action towards establishing their online presence, few get it right, at first.  While your business or industry may differ from the my business, there are a few general principles to follow.  If you want to PROPERLY establish your online presence, follow these steps and apply the following principles.

First i’ll ask – Do you have a website or main online profile of your business/brand.  I ask this to know if there is a MAIN place online that has your information or details your product / services  (thinking a step ahead)

What do I mean by “properly?”

By properly I mean – your business may be online but your approach or strategy is not producing the results you desire.   optimized, your information may not be sync’d,

Simply uploading your information to a social network, creating a facebook page or managing a group or twitter account isn’t enough.   Even using all or a combination of these and others does not mean your properly established and more certainly, definitely, not optimized.  While all great bullhorns to use

Nowadays there are thousands of websites, blogs, networks, directories, forums etc… for a business to use.